Behind the Lens

Daniel and Cheryl
Daniel & Cheryl

We are generally shy when it comes to talking about ourselves but here goes.

The uniqueness of every individual and couple intrigue and move us to picking up our cameras and pressing that shutter button, capturing a moment that is otherwise gone forever. This is why we do what we do.

Watching films and people-watching are some of the things that constantly inspire us. We are not interested in creating the cliche / stereotypical, but pursuing authenticity in every frame we capture.

Other than weddings, Daniel is passionate about concert photography as he can capture people losing themselves in something as soulful as music. He dreams of singing and dancing like Bruno Mars someday. He’s also a fan of the Golden State Warriors (NBA BEST LEAGUE!).

On the other hand, Cheryl loves finding the beauty in things deemed as insignificant/mundane. Half the time, she’s thinking of what to eat next.

That’s all for now! We look forward to creating something beautiful with you!

Love, Daniel and Cheryl